Rail Budget 2011: Twitter Reactions

Now with such an important topic of Rail Budget making the news, thousand of tweets are expected. In 140 characters, people have voiced their views on the railway budget. While some people expressed their anger, others were content. But what grabbed my attention were these interesting Tweets:
Love Mamata Banerjee's comments while presenting railway budget. Only person I know who speaks in Bengali and pretends its Hindi.

Railway budget -- Mamata = Ma , condiition of railways = Mati , Sufferer = Manush

Akshay Nayyar
Mamata Banerjee is not a Didi but a Dada :P

Please send Mamata Banerjee to Amreeeka in a non-stop train! I don't care for the ocean in-between! Arrange engineers to lay the track!
Mamata Banerjee not just speaks Bangla pretending that it's Hindi, she also read a WB Railway Budget pretending it's National Railway Budget

Justice Chaudhary
Whaaaat? I will become senior citizen 2 years earlier than you guys? the universe is definitely conspiring against me :(

The way our railway Minister Mamata Banerjee is having trouble pronouncing few new Express train destinations....wondering if they exist!!!!

The easiest way to live-tweet Mamata-didi's rail budget is to write a twitterbot which every 10 mins says "Another train for Bengal"


Another Rail budget with Mamata ensuring that not only WB gets max funds but also every new train passes Howrah