Autobiography of a Window Seat

As soon as the Mumbai local train pulls into the station, you see people rushing towards me. They are just crazy about me... after all, I am the much sought-after Window Seat! Neighbour's envy, owner's pride eh!

There are umpteen reasons for their love for me. 
  1. I bring them fresh air in the crowded atmosphere where all that the rest of the commuters get to smell are sweaty armpits, oily stinky hair and the peculiar odour of the local train doors and handles.
  2. I present them with panoramic views of the entire city in a mater of few minutes! Tell me who else can do this except for You Tube? 
  3. I offer them the priority status as well! People first tend to ask the window-seater as to where he/she will alight so that they can 'book' the seat.
  4. I offer them an effortless glimpse of the station name boards; unlike others who have to either stretch their necks or ask the privileged traveller, "Kaunsa station aaya?". (Of course, the announcements are taking over gradually)

I love Mumbai's local train commuters. Even though I know they can be very biased.

They run for me and fight for me only when I face the direction of the train's movement. If I am on the opposite direction, I am only treated as a compromise. They also prefer the side of the train where sunlight doesn't fall. I am not the Hot Seat when the seat is hot!

Some of them simply ignore me during winters and rains. They push away from me as much as possible... how rude! This is the time when people willingly 'offer' Window Seat to others. Here's a small  Survey conducted on the Facebook page of this blog about the same:

Do you aim for the Window Seat even in winters?

Well, I can understand. However, I hate the fact that often they treat me as garbage-exit point. They shamelessly throw wrappers, spit paan/gutkha and discard other kachra from the window while occupying me. If only I could throw them away from me and the entire train!

Well guys, looks like it's time for me to go as aglaa station Churchgate hai! Keep looking out for me... I am loving it!


Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

If it was the gents window, it will be lined with Paan stains :(

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

@Slogan Murugan - very true!!!

Akshay Iyer said...

Hehe :) . Innovative idea. I never thought on these lines. I need your permission to reproduce this on my blog. Yes, I do aim for a window seat in winters because I love to chill in the cold weather. :)

subhrashis adhikari said...

LOL...true...Mumbai winters are pleasant, window seat is good during the winter afternoon...obviously not so good in the night....and yes all the true