Real surveys in local trains

A group of young girls took a wadala local to Panvel at around 5.30 pm. Carrying just a small wallet and a couple of A4 papers, these girls occupied different areas near the doors. They were actually noting down the number of people boarding and alighting from the train at each station. Curious enough, I asked them if it was a college project. They said it was a project assigned by the Railways. On asking if it was to analyze the crowding and subsequent requirement of additional trains at certain routes at certain times, they looked confused. They seemed to be clueless about why they were doing the exercise. Of whatever they must have heard about crowded trains in Kurla, there current worry was what happens at Kurla and If they would be able to continue the task!

Well, I am glad that railways is doing its bit towards crowd management and hopefully it might come up with a better timetable / train frequency.