One more dies crossing tracks!

Reports of people dying while crossing tracks are increasing these days. These are read by all those who read newspapers, yet, people continue to cross tracks.

On Monday, a 4-year-old girl was hit by a train (more info) since her family had to cross tracks due to unavailability of a FOB in Mumbra*. Yesterday (22nd February 2012), a 27-year-old man died while crossing tracks near Govandi station. While people and newspapers are complaining (rightfully) about unavailability of helpers, they still continue to cross tracks. Most of them are an educated lot!

Youngsters, especially college students are often spotted avoiding the FOB to reach 'faster'. They realise that it's dangerous, yet they think, "I will be able to reach the other side before any train comes, I am smart enough!" Seldom they realise that the 'other side' might not have a way back.

I offer my condolences to the family of the victim and I understand that if there was no delay in availability of helpers, the man might have been saved.

But seriously, I urge you all not to cross railway tracks. Instead of saving that one minute by avoiding FOB / subway, you can save time by leaving home a minute earlier, spending a minute less in watching the television or waking up on time without putting your alarm on snooze!

Please spread the message and encourage people against crossing tracks.

*Mumbra residents have been demanding a foot over-bridge for a long time.