Cornered by Cockroaches in Vashi-Thane Train

I happily occupied a window seat of a Vashi Thane local when a lady
noticed a cockroach near me. I was alarmed and could not thank her
enough for saving my life! All right, a cockroach-commuter might not
be an actual killer but imagine the following situations:

1 - Getting a heart attack at the sudden 'attack' by a cockroach
2 - What if it enters your purse and then emerges when you are
standing near the footboard of a moving train
3 - It gets into your dabba and converts your vegetarian lunch into a
non-veg meal
4 - You doze off in the train with an open mouth... and... Ewwww
Well, all this might sound like too much, but isn't having cockroach
commuters in human compartments too much! I wonder if I can dial the
helpline for reporting these unreserved travellers.


Akshay Iyer said...

I'm afraid that such complaints would not even be treated as a genuine complaint :D . Nevertheless, prospects are interesting.. Just hope that you eliminate these ads from the blog. They turn to be quite distracting.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

thanks Akshay. I'll work on the layout soon

Anonymous said...

haha… lovely observation!
Central, Western & Harbour Railways must be ashamed of such stuff… Railways in Bombay generates that enormous profits to cover up loses from all over India, if any! So that does calls for super clean-up of racks & compartment of trains. Look at it, it stinks now.
I guess paying decent fares, demands decent travel. Anyways the commuters are taken for granted, in more than thousand reasons.