Wake up and smell the sweat!

Khaali train or daydreaming?
We wish for so many things in a day. And Mumbai local train commuters have some common wishes every single day:
"I wish I catch the 8.20 local."
"I wish I get a window seat."
"I wish no one pushes me today."
"I wish I get a comfortable place to stand."
"I wish the vendor who sells accessories boards my compartment today."
"I wish I get an empty train." Well, this mostly falls under the daydreaming category ;)

Some of us doze off in trains while our heads plays pendulum on the shoulders of aaju-baaju waale log! And then we get lost in our dreams or imaginations while we are half asleep. A train waiting for us at the platform so that we get in easily... choice of window seats, operational fans without kachra, great leg space, head space, shoulder space... no chillam chilli... no dhakka mukki... no paseene ki badboo... and then the train comes to a sudden halt! The aunty whose shoulder acted as our perfumed pillow gets off and someone who forgot wearing the deodorant or talcum powder chipkofies to us! We wake up to the smell of the sweat!

Or on a super lucky day, we actually get an empty train!That happened with me today!

So, what are your daily wishes when it comes to travelling by local trains? Do you get to board an empty train without dhakka-mukki? Do you get the window seat? Do you wake up before the train reaches your station?

Do share your experiences here. Let's see when it comes to wishes related to Mumbai local trains, are we on the same platform!


Anonymous said...

We just took Return train..Atleast we get seat...and sometimes..windows seat.....

Anonymous said...

The lifeline of Mumbai... :)

Akshay Iyer said...

I get a window seat only in the mornings since I travel in the opposite direction :) . Thankfully, since I travel in First Class, it doesn't happen as much as in Second Class. However, it does get a bit uncomfortable when these unruly kids board the train from Mankhurd. Btw, you clicked this photo of a empty train at a siding or carshed or something?

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Hey Akshay, I fortunately boarded a train from CST at a non-peak hour on a Sunday I suppose... Rare pic right ;)

Indrajit Mukherjee said...

Excellent idea of a blog, and very good posts. makes me want to experience the life there :-)