'Main deodorants mein believe nahi karta' types

Meaning - I don't believe in wearing deodorants. These species found in local trains are the ones which cast such a spell on your senses that you inadvertently end up holding your breath / nose. They surely know how to keep people at bay and have enough space for themselves. And if you are the unlucky types, you well end up standing in a crowded train under the shelter of a human-repellent arm.

Annu's suggestion to the Non-'Main deodorants mein believe nahi karta' types:
Scream, "What is this weird smell around?"
Remove a deo from your bag and spray it all at the source of the odour.
Try holding your breath for the longest possible time. You never know one day you'll become a Guinness World Record holder for the same!
Meet funny commuters in Mumbai local trains right here!


still life said...

haha i pity you some times i forget being tall is a blessing
option 2 has been a great experience

Rahul said...

Arrey, maine to ye kabhi socha hi naa tha ki aisa bhi hota hai.
In fact mein sirf do baar mumbai ki local me chadha tha, and I was feeling like hell.
Fir kabhi nahi gaya by train........
Jaise hi mein chadha ( mein kya khaak chadha logon ne dhakka maara itni jor se ki mein dusri aur se nikalte nikalte bach gaya) dono haath upar tangi jail ke hangers se bandh gaye.
I was feeling like Dharmendra. Jiske dono haath har movie me baandh diye jaate hai aur woh chilla kar kehta hai........BASANTI IN KUTTO KE AAGE MAT NAACHNA........
Keep posting yaar, I like your blogs.