'Yunki main jyaada baat toh nahi karti' types

Now these ones are the reincarnation of our popular Basanti from Sholay. These local train commuters talk talk all through the journey. They generally appear in groups of two or more. So if you are seated or are standing besides them, here is what all you get to know about them:

1.How irritating their mother-in-laws & sister-in-laws are
2.How irregular their bais (housemaids are)
3.How sacrificing they themselves are
4.How annoying and opportunistic their bosses are
5.How useless their colleagues are
6.How did they like the latest movie...
7.What a bloody @#$#@# their ex-boyfriends were

Well, the list is endless, so please wait for the version 2 of this post.

I would like to thank Kavita for her interesting inputs on this post.


Reshma said...

This blog is so Annu 'types'!! :)