Don’t Spit / Swachch Yatra Campaign by Railways

Am I dreaming? The railways in Mumbai has started an array of initiatives for the betterment of the life of the commuters. The SMS campaign where commuter suggestions are welcome and considered any time... The full-fledged work on having 12 rakes in most of the trains and improvising tracks... Regular announcements to alert people... Drive to stop track-crossing... Introducing new trains, new routes... And now the super duper cleanliness drive! Wow, seems like in no time we’ll be proud to tell the world about the goodness of travelling by Mumbai local trains.

The latest by railways is the Don’t Spit campaign. Had been hearing clear announcements at Elphinstone / Parel station warning people against spitting. The announcements also inform commuters about the punishment. The messages go something like this – krupaya idhar udhar na thunkein (please don’t spit here and there).

Thanks railways for taking this so seriously and imposing fine is necessary. It will really help in maintaining cleanliness. I am tired stopping people when I see them littering / spitting. In some cases, people stop. But then there are these shameless commuters who just say ‘you have no right to stop me from spitting / littering’ and continue their act.

It would help if some of the concerned commuters are given the right / ID cards so that they are empowered to stop the wrongdoers.

Once again, thank you railways!