Swine Flu: Keep your mouth and nose covered in local trains

It was a sad sight at Koparkhairane station in the morning. Almost everyone had covered their mouth with a handkerchief / mask. Though I was impressed noticing how people are taking precautions, I was upset thinking about the state of local train travelers. The same people who I see chatting away, laughing, gossiping, fighting and joking around in the train wore fear on their faces. It hurts, it really hurts.

I appreciate those who are taking care by covering their mouth and face. I heard people saying that they are not using a mask / cloth since ‘no one else around is doing so’. If you do cover your mouth and nose, you are doing good to yourself and your fellow commuters.

I urge all the commuters to take adequate precautions. I pray no one else be infected with Swine Flu.