Vashi 8:38 local arrived late - 21st December 2009

New harbour line services start today (21st December 2009). Obviously, trains were expected to be late. And do was the 8:38 Vashi local to CST. Result - unnecessary panic. I took a rickshaw from Koparkhairane to Vashi due to thesevere joint pain in the hands. Thought I would travel comfortably in the vashi local. But the train being late invited panic that was uncalled for.

Yet another seemingly harmless and educated female, donning a turquoise blue dupatta, made her way to a seat she aimed for. Of course, she pushed more females than you could ever
imagine. Result - she thrusted my hand on a rod increasing the severe pain in my right hand I am trying to survive with. Worst again, this 'educated' female refused to apologize and in fact lied that she did not push anyone at all. Everyone simply smiled at her white lie, and well what else could we do. The other option was to get engaged in an argument that would not improve anything.

Well, courtesy is passe, welcome to the indifferent era! Btw, this happened in the first class compartment supposedly occupied by the educated lot.