Super slow Kurla local of 9:22 am

It took me 45 minutes to reach Parel station after I boarded the Kurla local that leaves for CST at 9:22 am (21st Dec 2009). Worst was that while our train was stationary at Kurla's platform number 3, other trains kept arriving and moving ahead from platform number 4. We stayed in the train everytime thinking that at least now it will move. Too much optimism on a Monday morning I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Instead of introducing in piece-meal new trains generally mid-way stations like Belapur, Vashi, Vadala, it would be much better to increase the frequency of trains from terminus (CST) to terminus (Panvel) from the existing three trains per hour to six trains per hour. The effect of the additional 50 trains put in a half-hearted manner may not be felt. This is clear if you see the rush of commuters at CST after 5.30 pm on a working day.