Mumbai's harbour line new trains time table

Sunday morning couldn't have been better. My husband came across the ad about 50 additional local train services on the harbour line! Yes, new trains have been added on the Panvel-CST, Thane-Vashi and Nerul-Thane routes on either sides from 21st December 2009! Moreover, a few of the existing services are extended!

Here's the time table for new trains on the Panvel-Vashi-Vadala-CST route:

Panvel 06:40 am - CST 08:00 am
Belapur 9:15 am - CST 10:18 am
Belapur 11:55 am - CST 12:59 pm
Vashi 06:40 pm - Vadala 07:12 pm
Panvel 07:22 pm - Vadala 08:21 pm
Panvel 10:32 pm - CST 11:50 pm

Here's the time table for new trains on the CST-Vadala-Vashi-Belapur-Panvel route:

CST 08:04 am - Belapur 09:08 am
CST 10:14 am - Vashi 11:02 am
CST 10:30 am - Vashi 11:18 am
CST 12:57 pm - Panvel 02:14 pm
CST 05:21 pm - Belapur 06:25 pm
Vadala 07:27 pm - Panvel 08:29 pm
Vadala 08:30 pm - Panvel 09:32 pm
CST 11:55 pm - Vashi 12:42 pm

I have also updated the Nerul-Thane time table as from 21st December 2009 here.
And here's the updated Thane-Nerul Panvel time table.


Tejas Padekar said...

There's also a Vadala-Panvel at 8.00pm

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Thanks Tejas. Above was the list of just the new trains. But you reminded me of adding the Vadala-Panvel time table. pls check it here:

Tejas Padekar said...

I really appreciate the timing of your post. I missed the 8pm train today, and thanks to your post, I was able to plan for the 8.30pm vadala.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

thanks tejas. am glad my efforts are not getting wasted! if there's something you wish this blog should also have, do let me know.