Indian trains to have 5-digit numbering system

With Indian Railways running over 10000 trains everyday, the four digit numbering scheme for the trains had to be changed. The five digit train numbering scheme has been finally announced. So the train numbers will now have a prefix (number 1). This will be applicable to all scheduled, express, mail and superfast trains.

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sagar said...

Hi Everyone,
I need a help from you.
My office at DADAR and I am planning to purchase a Flat at Assangaon-Shahapur, which is 3.5 KM away from Assangaon-E Station. Is this practically possible to have daily journey this 82KM distance and attend office in time for whole year long by Mumbai local train?

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Hi Sagar, can i post this question on our facebook page, you can get faster response there