Dangerous train stunt - Please don't attempt this

I have often come across youngsters who try various 'stunts' in trains. Most of them are in the age group 12-18! While they think they appear 'cool' doing so, they don't realise that they only show how stupid they are and more than anything else, their life is at a huge risk. Worst is not losing life but losing a limb or having an injury that will ruin their life forever!

I came across this video of a guy performing a super risky stunt which is being shared a lot on Facebook pages today:

These stunt boys go with the funda - itna darr darr ke nahin jeeneka. However, they ignore that the nahin jeeneka part of the sentence is the strongest in this scenario.

Also, I have seen commuters just making faces but not asking them to stop. Commuters don't want to hear stuff like 'Uncle, apna kaam kar na', 'Tereko kya karneka hai?', etc. But remember - if you don't say a word and you happen to witness a tragic incident you might regret all your life, "If only I had asked them to stop!"

At the most, only three things are possible if you ask these boys to stop:
  1. They will poke fun at you. But seriously, they are actually poking fun at themselves and all the other commuters (onlookers) know that.
  2. They will ignore your comment / continue. But at least you tried.
  3. They will feel embarrassed if every time they do so, commuters stop them / debate with them. They won't find it 'cool' enough.They might stop.
Please remember that while these youngsters perform such stunts, some other boys too feel like attempting the act. At least, when they see commuters' objecting the potential 'stunt boys' might not try.