Sunday Mega Block timings - Central / Harbour Line

Like most Sundays, Mumbai local train services will be affected by mega block on August 14, 2011. Here are the timings:

Mulund and Matunga: Fast trains leaving Thane from 10.50 am to 3.42 pm will run on the slow track between Mulund and Matunga and will halt at all stations in between.
CST to Bandra/Andheri: Trains will not run from 10.47 am to 4.03 pm.
Andheri / Bandra to CST: Trains will not run from 10.41 am to 3.48 pm.
CST to Panvel/Belapur/Vashi: Harbour line trains from CST will run on main line up to Kurla between 10.39 am and 3.53 pm and will not halt at Currey Road and Chinchpokli.


Himanshu said...

Thank you for info