What to do when you see someone performing stunts in trains?

Yesterday, a video of Reay Road train stunt boys became a 'hit' on Facebook. While many people condemned the stunt, some were rather amazed by the 'talent' of these boys. I wondered and figured out why people don't try hard enough to stop these guys in the train - Dangerous train stunt: Please don't attempt this.

Stop the stunt boys NOW!
Little did I know that today's headlines would be about someone copying the act and getting severely injured. A 13-year old Zahid Ansari imitated the act with 2 of his friends in a CST-bound train. When a railway yard worker standing by the tracks asked them to stop, Zahid hurled out abuses at him. Within seconds, the boy hit a pole and fell off the train! Zahid landed unconscious on the tracks as the yard worker rushed to save him in time!

Now here's the thing my fellow commuters - It might take time for all the 'stunt heroes' to stop these stupid acts. But until then, let's do something about it. 

What to do to stop these guys:

  1. Do not waste any time after noticing an act. Immediately ask them sternly to stop and continue until they stop. Ignore their swear words, coz they don't know what they are doing. If you see someone trying to stop the guys, join the person. If all the commuters together insist that they stop, they sure will.
  2. Tell the guys that you will report it to police and they can be jailed for three months. Section 156 of Railway Act punishes those travelling dangerously. Accused can be fined Rs 500 and/or sent to prison for three months.
  3. Call up the helpline numbers (please save the numbers on your phone).
  4. If necessary, stop the train by pulling the chain.
Also, you can check out the accident info over the months at the Central Railway website. As of today, there are already 241 accident cases reported including those who fell off the train, were knocked down, fell due to giddiness and were run over while crossing the tracks.


Anonymous said...

Let these jackasses die the most ghastly of death or still better be maimed for life and suffer living hell on earth.

I have no symphathy whatsoever for these scumbags. Let them be responsible for their own lives.

Saheer Kumble said...

hope this post opens the eyes of those dangerously insane guys out there... nice post