Agar rickshawalle motormen bann gaye toh...

Meaning: If auto rickshaw drivers became motormen of Mumbai local trains.

Meri Marzi!!!

  • You want to go to Goregaon from Churchgate. But they will refuse to go citing it's a short distance. They have higher (or rather longer) aims... at least Nallasopara. 

  • You punch a valid Rs 10 coupon for your destination. But they refuse to let you board the train. They say, "At least pay half return fare since no one boards the train for the reverse direction."
  • It's raining cats and dogs and tigers. You try to reach your destination Kharghar asap. 17 trains pass Kurla station, none halts. Why? Well, they just don't feel like ferrying you. For them, it's the best opportunity and way to harass the bechaara public.
  •  832 people are standing to board a train from platform number 1 of Wadala station. But only one is allowed to board the train. Why? Sharing nahi chalega!!!
  • You board a train from Churchgate to Bandra. These are the stations you see -  Charni Road, Grant Road, Sandhurst Road, Dockyard Road, Raey Road, Currey Road, Wadala Road, Elphinston Road and Matunga Road. Why? Road pe ghuma raha hai... ab extra fare bharo!!!
Disclaimer: Not all Mumbai rickshaw drivers are rude / inconsiderate / mean. But quite a few are.
At 10 pm tonight, I had to stand by the road during heavy rains, without any umbrella / wind cheater / shelter, when no rickshaw driver agreed to ferry me to my house 15 mins away. One even asked for a fixed higher illogical fare. I stood there helpless, furious and desperate while as always the auto rickshaw drivers ruled the roads. Not that this happened for the first time, but I had to write... eventually.

Thank God for the train services. Hope no such rickshawallah ever becomes a motorman.