No Foot to Keep on Footboard

Travelling on footboard of local trains - Avoid if you can
On September 24, 2011, a man lost his arm as he met with an accident while trying to board a running train at Mumbai's Ambernath station .

Yesterday (October 2, 2011), two friends fell off a running local train. While Lala sustained some injuries, Kadar Shaikh lost his leg!

The incident happened between Kurla and Tilak Nagar stations. Apparently, they were standing on the footboard as the train was crowded and Kadar lost his balance.

Yet again we insist:
  • Please do not travel on footboard. Getting late to reach your destination is better than losing limbs / life.
  • Please do not try to board / alight from a running train.
  • Please let commuters alight first.
  • Please do not travel on train's rooftop.
  • Please HELP victims of such accidents.


Akshay said...

I fail to understand why commuters have to travel on rooftops of trains. I agree that there is no space in trains but is human life so cheap that there is absolutely no fear of getting electrocuted as these trains pass through 1500 Volts and 25,000 Volts?