Train Etiquette - Part 1

What do you do when people push you even while getting in an uncrowded train and there's quite some gap between the platform and footboard?

Dhakka-mukki has become a trend... ab toh aadat si hai sabko dhakka maarne ki...
People are so used to rushing into crowded trains that sometimes even when the train is blissfully uncrowded, people tend to push others. This unnecessary haste has often led to people slipping onto the tracks and losing their limbs. So what do you do when something like this happens?
  1. Ignore them and manage your balance
  2. Give them some peace of mind and manage your balance
  3. Let them move ahead
  4. Other (pls specify in comments)


SUB said...

it depends how desperate I am to get into the train....most of the time i let them move ahead...if i am with my family i would try some other option....
in desperate situation i would ignore them and try to manage my own balance :)