Mumbai Local's 17-Point Fun Wishlist for Railway Budget

Need Superheroes to reach the other side!

Railway budget 2012-2013 will be presented on 14th March 2012 (rail budget schedule). We will probably watch it live / read the highlights / tweet about it. And then we will praise / curse it for a couple of days only to forget all about it by the next week.

So, how about creating a Mumbai Local's Fun Wishlist for Rail Budget... sochne mein kya jaata hai:
  1. Superman and Spiderman services: For those who prefer crossing tracks over using FOBs... Reach-The-Other-Side services at a premium of course!
  2. Meru Trains, Mega Trains, Easy Trains... (Hire a train... get a pick-up and drop at your doorstep).
  3. Relispray Exits: Special exit doors for those who injured their shoulders, feet, heads, etc. in the dhakka-mukki.
  4. Sleeper compartments: People who love to sleep need not use other commuters' shoulders as pillows!
  5. Half-priced season tickets for fourth-seat occupants.
  6. Haath dikhao, train roko: Running late for work and you might miss the train? Just wave to make it stop for you!
  7. 70% discount for standees.
  8. Air-conditioned local trains with aroma diffusers.
  9. Ban on pointed heels.
  10. Fine on Deodorant-less travel.
  11. Web check-ins: For guaranteed window seats! (idea taken from a Twitter follower of this site)
  12. Heavy fine for those who litter: Make them pick litter for a month.
  13. Separate compartment for shoppers and vendors: Love to shop while travelling? Board this compartment.
  14. Chillam-Chilli zone: Sound-proof areas in compartments where the arguing men and women can proceed with their jhagdaas!
  15. Railway announcement text indicators: Scrolling text transcripts of the announcements they make at railway stations... kuch toh samjhegaa!
  16. Fixed table-chair arrangement for college girls who want to complete their journals while travelling.
  17. Expandable compartments: Compartments will automatically expand based on the commuter inflow.
Like it? Feel free to add to the list / share it with fellow commuters / friends.
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Addition to the list by Mumbaikars:
  1. Automatic Beep censor system in compartments as a replacement for abuses. (contributed by Deepa Nair)
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Sangeeta Reghu Nair said...

I love it !! really enjoyed it and wish your list comes true ...

Good Railway Budget for Mumbai said...

Enjoyed your article. Could not stop laughing.

The 2012 Indian Railway Budget has been very good for Mumbai city. In addition to 75 new train services, there are concrete infrastructure proposals for the long term viability of suburban local railways in Bombay.
Hope these proposals can be implemented.

Akshay Iyer said...

I really liked the wishlist though I feel we could even have pantry cars in local trains for people who do not have time to eat luxury can eat breakfast while commuting to work. :D