Station discrimination or what?

Yesterday a Mumbai local train commuter posted about his lost bag in a train. He was wondering if and how he can get it back. Of course, I was unable to see the post instantly and could not guide him about the immediate steps to be taken. Incidentally, today's newspaper speaks about an abandoned tiffin box.

While the commuters' presence of mind is commendable, as they reported it to the helpline number immediately, the lack of facilities to handle such situations is a cause of concern.

The passengers alerted the RPF control room as soon as the train departed from Borivali station. However, a cop boarded the train only at Andheri! Apparently, bomb squads are deployed only at 'major' stations!

Imagine the fear among the commuters who spent 20 minutes thinking about the dreadful terror attacks that had stirred Mumbai in the past! It's a shame that still only few stations have bomb squads. At least one cop per station should be trained to handle such situations instantly, at least least the control room should be equipped to direct such calls to the concerned authorities without delay...

What bothers me also is the 'major stations' bit. I wonder how the railway authorities are deciding on which station is major and which isn't. Coz every single life, regardless of station, is a major life, isn't it?


Arnab Maity said...

It is a very difficult situation. We all know the need of having a bomb squad at all stations, but thinking about the cost and resources required for the same, it might not be a distant reality