Central and western railway prepare for 26th January motormen strike

LATEST STRIKE UPDATE, 25th January, 10:00 pm: The motormen strike has been called off!

25th January 2010: That the motormen of central and western line local trains will be going on strike on 26th January is confirmed. Now with just around 200 motormen working on the Republic Day, disruption of suburban train services and commuter inconvenience is obvious.

Aware of the way people / unions participating in the strike react when trains do not run as per schedule and given the fact that eventually the motormen at work face all the brunt, Central and Western railways are taking several precautionary steps.

So on page 8 of The Times Of India today, the railways have placed a notice / ad clarifying their position and requesting the public to cooperate. The railways have stated that the motormen are on strike to get their demands, mostly of higher pay and allowances, fulfilled. Furthermore, it is clarified that these demands do not fall within the purview of zonal railways and have been referred to the appropriate authority. It is also said that the agitation is not supported by railway recognized unions.

Though the talks to cancel the strike are on, the railways have requested people to bear with the situation and cooperate.

Special measures are taken to ensure safety of the motormen who will report to work on 26th January. A GRP officer, an RPF officer and a city police officer will accompany every motorman.