Train to Panvel derailed near Belapur station

The New Year doesn't seem to have a good start for the Indian Railways. After four train accidents within a span of 16 days in other parts of the country due to fog (Bhiwani-Gorakhpur Gorakhdham Express rammed into the Allahabad-bound Prayagraj Express, Delhi-Sitamarhi Licchavi Express rammed into the Magadh Express, Sarju Express rammed into a tractor-trolley and Kalindi Express rammed the stationary Delhi-Kanpur Shram Shakti Express), a Mumbai train too might have witnessed something unfortunate. But then it couldn't be blamed on any fog.

Yesterday (17th January 2010), a Panvel bound train derailed near Belapur station. One of the wheels of a general compartment of the train went off the tracks resulting in the derailment. Fortunately, no one was injured and services were restored in a couple of hours.

Too many train related incidents have been happening in Mumbai off late. I wonder why? We really aren't in a state to take another train-related tragedy. I hope the authorities take extra care and stringent measures to avoid such derailments. What do you think?