Timeless Trains: Photographs of Mumbai local trains

It goes unsaid that most of us are fascinated by Mumbai local trains. We often see people on platforms or trains clicking photographs, wonder why they are clicking and later forget about it. But these naive as well as professional photographers and journalists capture the world around our magical trains and make the moments timeless.

I came across this wonderful picture taken by Mr. Deepak Amembal (of Magiceye fame) and thought it's worth sharing such lovely photographs with you all. While he allowed me to share his photograph on this site and then earlier Neeraj had helped me out with his photographs, I got another idea.

From today, this site shall feature some amazing Mumbai local train photos. If you think you have just the right image, please share the link. We'll have the collection with the links displayed right here, in this post.

Here we go!

Pleasant monochromatic view from a train 

Unfortunate train derailment


Anonymous said...

Some photographers are Railfans