Soon only 12-coach trains on Western Railway

 Looks like female commuters will have to run lesser now. Western Railway plans to convert 32 9-coach local train services to 12-coach from November 14! That means no need for women to stand at the platform guessing where the ladies compartment will halt.

If you travel from Goregaon station, you would know that women end up running a stretch of three compartments based on whether the next train is 9-car or 12-car. So if you don't end up boarding a 9-coach train due to the peak-hour crowd, you need to rush back and forth, because mostly these 9 / 12 car trains run alternate!

News source: DNA


RAHUL said...

so no probs any ways u ladies are used to board into the gents compartment...and we have to face that uncomfort coz u r d if u ladies can travel into gents compartment then y cant we gents do the same by travelling in ur compartment.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

You have a valid point and I understand that your compartment is fully packed all the time. But I think it is called General compartment and not Gents compartment.