An Ode to Mumbai Local Trains

Here's an article by one of us, a Mumbai local train traveller Madhusmita Sahoo:

I hate travelling by the Bombay local trains. Yes, get that sneer of your faces, 'Bombay' used because that's how I like it . 

If being tall, thin and ungainly aren't bad enough, I also had to be a middle-class chick who has to travel by suburban trains that resemble miniatures of Nazi’s torture cells. 

To begin with, I can see the top of everyone's head. Another way to put that is: every now and then someone buries her pate in my face. Lice, dandruff and cheap hair oil are just a few things that I have resigned to have my face scrubbed with. The only worse thing I can think of is being a shortie. In which case, you are forced to bury your face in somebody's armpit.

I seldom get my clothes ironed. Because...Click here to continue reading - An Ode to Mumbai Local trains

PS Thanks Madhusmita for letting me share your article