Fast, faster, fastest local trains

If you thought that Mumbai's fast local trains aren't fast enough, here's a good news. According to sources, by the end of the year Mumbai will have fast trains that can run at a top speed of 130 kmph. Our regular local trains can run at 110 kmph at most. The trains are being brought from Integral Coach Factory in Chennai and feature imported machines and parts from Austria.

Special care has been taken to prevent the fast trains from shaking... brakes are directly provided to the wheels of the bogies. So you can now expect a jerk-free faster journey.

News Source: Hindustan Times


Parth J Dave said...

Wow! That's great news. Finally, we'll get rid of that nuisance sounds of our local trains.

Thank you Anuradha for sharing this piece of good news!

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

yes parth, and we might get rid of balancing ourselves as the trains take a jerk