Afternoon magic - CST to Vashi

Sipping some coffee by the window, listening to music and watching cute kids playing around - welcome to Mumbai local trains during afternoons!

I took a Panvel train from CST station around 3 pm today and the long journey was a true stress-buster! I picked up a cup of coffee from one of those Cafe Coffee Day stalls at CST station (just for Rs 7), calmly walked towards the CST-starting train and was pleased to get a window seat.... aaraam se. No dhakka-mukki, no tu-tu-main-main... the train was heavenly. Slowly the train started getting occupied and before I knew there were 2 toddlers around me.

Watching them as they wanted to stand by the window and the way they were excited about traveling by the train was wonderful. A little girl, I suppose she was around 3, was elated as I asked her to sit at the window seat. She was the elder one, elegantly holding her tiny purse and calling out her little sister who was not even 2 years old. This cutie had all eyes on her with her cute expressions and all the masti. Soon someone besides me had to alight. She got to sit next to me and she held my hand as if I was known to her. Playing with the paper bag I was holding was great fun for her. The elder one by now was dozing off... the way we have our falling-asleep-head-jerk in trains! Their mom and grandmother, who wore a traditional navvari saree, were all very cool too!

And so I thoroughly enjoyed my local train trip to Vashi... after all 2 little smiling angels gave me such a sweet company!


Keyur700 said...

Lovely post! It's so nice that you share such experiences on your blog.


Keyur :)