When the train did not stop for Roma

She lost her balance on the train when her head hit hard on the tracks. Commuters did pull the chain, but the train never stopped. Poor Roma Talreja, all of 21, lied in an unconscious state on the tracks between Ghansoli and Rabale stations on Friday, 10th December 2010.

But she is not all that unlucky. Fortunately, Baleshwar Mishra saw her fall from an train passing on a Vashi-bound train. The brave-heart jumped off from his train hoping he might be able to save someone's life. He did save her!

But what if it was not for him? Why was the train not stopped after the chain being pulled? All right, the train slowed down and the guard did look around. But what was his calculation? Shouldn't someone have approached the compartment to figure out why was the chain pulled in the first case?

Now while the authorities are continuously warning us to use the FOBs instead of crossing tracks and losing our life, what about the warning (chain-pulling) we give to them when a life is in danger? God bless Baleshwar and make life easier for Mumbai's local train commuters.


Siddhartha Joshi said...

hmmm...this is very unfortunate, yet the story thankfully ends on a happy note. lots to reflect...