Harbour line completed a century

We can’t stop praising it, we can’t stop complaining about it. But Mumbai local trains’ harbour line that completed a century on December 12 has come a long way and has improved a lot over the years.

The first trains ran between Kurla and Reay Road stations in the year 1910. And 100 years on, we have the extended harbour and trans-harbour routes with 38 trains (and counting) on the harbour line! The 9-coach trains are gradually advancing to 12 coach. Of course, we are still adjusting to figure out which compartment will halt where at the platforms... but it appears that a year from now we would have more convenience.

Number of passengers travelling daily on the harbour line – Over ten lakh!

There’s so much to the impressive history of the origin and development of the harbour line. Mr Rajendra Aklekar’s article tells us more about it.