Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express Tragedy Averted

Had it not been for pantry in-charge Pawan Kumar and his colleagues, the headlines today would have been much more disturbing.

The pantry car of the 12951 Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express caught fire at around 2.20 am near Thuriya station (close to Ratlam) on Monday, April 18 2011. The fire then spread to the adjoining B6 and B7 coaches.

The pantry car was completely destroyed but due to the presence of mind of the pantry in-charge and the timely action taken by him and his colleagues (they pulled the chain and urged the passengers to get off from the train), as many as 150 passengers were saved.

By 5 am, the affected coaches were decoupled and around 8.20 am, the train resumed its journey.

Image courtesy: Microsoft Office