Track Laying Goof-ups Wasting Our Money

Did you know that Railways is working on a project to lay two new lines that will separate suburban and national rail traffic?

 If this wows you, you must know how hard the authorities are working on this - they are toiling for over one and a half decades now!!!

Yes, the idea was conceived in the 1990s and since then there have been a lot many problems and goof-ups. At this point, you might want to know that when the first-ever railway line was laid in India (along the same stretch) the work was completed within four years! I believe we had more advanced technology and resources back then. Coz if today the authorities talk about land issues, relocation and court cases today, well these problems existed even then, didn't they?

So what's taking them so long to build an 18-km new corridor?  
Well, there have been rehabilitation concerns but apparently there have been track-laying goof-ups. Beleive it or not, some crossovers were laid in an incorrect manner. So what follows is a complete re-work: removal and reinstallation of the lines, the signals and the wiring. 

Basically, public money ka poora wastage!

Read more about this insightful information shared by Mr. Rajendra Aklekar in DNA.


R.R.Pillai said...

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