Woman's Body Found In Mumbai's First Local Train

Once again a murderer succeeded in 'dumping' the victim's body in a Mumbai local train. Once again, we have reasons to doubt the security measures as we realise that anyone can get into a local with a huge gunny bag and leave it in a compartment without being noticed. Once again, we see the gory face of the city.

A young woman's body was found in a local train at Churchgate station on Monday, April 24 2011. The body was bundled in a gunny bag and the woman had injuries on her neck, back and hands. It seems that she was strangled in her sleep.

A porter found a gunny bag under a seat in a compartment of the first train that reaches Churchgate station from Virar. When no one claimed the bag, police opened it to find the body of a woman covered with layers of clothes.

Can you help? Do you know a woman missing with the following description?
The woman's identity is not known yet. In case, you know someone with the following description missing, you might want to bring it to the notice of the authorities:

Age: Around 25 years
Height: 5 feet
Complexion: Dark
Hair: Long
Clothes found with body: 24 different clothes - 7 lehengas, 7 salwars, 3 dupattas, 1 peticoat

Police hopes that CCTV footage might help in solving the mystery.

Here's the learning... yet again:
We must not ignore unidentified / unclaimed baggage in trains, stations or just anywhere. A little effort to bring it to the notice of the authorities can make a lot of difference.

Information sources: TV9, Mid-day