How to identify First Class compartment in Mumbai trains

Often the non-regular / new Mumbai local train commuters are caught travelling in a first class compartment with a second-class ticket. While some are 'offenders on purpose', many commuters (especially ladies) are unable to differentiate between first class and second class compartments from outside. It is only after they board the first class compartment, they realise it!

I have often seen some ladies panicking after realising it and trying to jump off the moving train to avoid being caught by the ticket checkers. This as we all know can be fatal.

So if you are a new commuter of the Mumbai's lifeline, here's how to identify the first class compartment:

  1. The compartments have stripes on the outer side. Refer the image. 
  2. The section of platform where these compartments halt too have a portion painted in stripes (either the station name board stand / pole / floor / wall).
  3. The seats of the first class compartments are cushioned.


Ritesh said...

Its very easy to identify a first class compartment in Mumbai local trains but more often than not, people jump in without the train completely stopping, so they dont notice these colored stripes.

Very often, you'll find people entering the first class compartment and then they realise that they've entered the first class so they try and get down while the train is already in motion.