Man loses arm thanks to inhuman commuters, authorities

Date: September 24, 2011Time: 8.49 am
Location: Ambernath station 

Educated commuters travelling in Mumbai trains: Quite a few
Humans travelling by Mumbai trains: RARE

I am so furious at this moment that if I type for more than 10 minutes I might be using swear words. 

45-year old Shivaji Ambavale falls of a train (alright he made a mistake of trying to board a running train, but don't most of us do so?). He loses his arm and is bleeding profusely. Just imagine the pain you feel when you cut yourself while shaving / cutting veggies... now imagine his pain!!! At that peak hour, no one comes to help him! He himself has to jump on the tracks with all the pain and panic to retrieve his arm. Except for one good Samaritan Rajil Menon who helps him out.

Now this was the aam janta behaviour towards a man who was suffering. Do I need to mention the flaws in system and carelessness of authorties? GRP takes 15 minutes to come. He gets no first aid. Porters carry him to police chowky to make an official entry!!! Seriously was that so important???

As always, there's no mode of transport with station authorities and they try to catch an auto rickshaw. Don't they realise that most auto rickshawallahs care a damn about people and their suffering??? Quoting from the Mumbai Mirror article: Unable to find transport, the cops and the porters started running towards the nearest medical facility: the DG Chaya municipal hospital. This entire process took nearly 40 minutes. 

After that he is taken to 3 different hospitals. Read the link above for the entire story.

And at the end of all this, it is too late to fix his arm!!! He loses his arm to the ignorance of some Mumbaiites.

I wish I was there and could have helped him. I wish that the ones who ignored him read this and feel ashamed of themselves. I wish from next time on nobody suffers due indifferent 'humans'. I still keep wishing we have sufficient medical aid and ambulances near stations. 



Hi This is Rajil Menon here the worst part is that shivaji and I were retrieving his severed arm on the track when we narrowly missed being moved down by a speeding train !
yet not many of the onlooking commuters helped us .I hate drunkards everyone on the platform thought shivaji was drunk so din't help him "arey woh aadmi piyela hai" is what people told us when me and lawrencewere trying to lift him from the tracks. fine U dont want to help but please dont discourage those who are helping atleast.
the worst part was the dressing was done by a ward boy and a railway hamalwhile the nurse on duty gave instructions to them from far the doctor dint want Shivaji inside! I could send U videos of the TREATMENT he got at Chaya hospital.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Hi Rajil, thanks for writing in. I am having goosebumps reading your account. Do share the video on
Also, do let me know if you wish to write an account of what exactly happened. We just know what the newspapers told us.