Woman dies crossing tracks, rescuers lose life too

Yet again, a woman died while crossing tracks. Worse still, two people who tried to save her had to lose their life too!

On Sunday afternoon (19 September, 2011), Sangeeta Ahinkar decided to cross the railway tracks near Badlapur station instead of taking the foot-over-bridge at the same spot. She failed to notice a good train approaching.

Two men, Shivshankar Shrivastav and Dilip Bhawar, passing by the area noticed the risk the woman was taking. They ran to save her but unfortunately a local train started coming from the opposite direction. Impossible to make the right judgment at the moment, the trio were left completely confused. Eventually, all three of them were run over by the goods train.

Please do not cross the tracks. You are not just putting your life at risk but others too