Hampi Express Accident Kills Over 15; Helpline Numbers

Bangalore helpline number: 080 223 7116, 2215 6553, 2215 6554
Bellary: 08392 27 7704
Hospet: 08394 22 1788
Hubli: 0836-234 5338, 23 46141, 228 9826

Bangalore bound Hampi Express collided with a stationary goods train at Andhra Pradesh's Penneconda station (Anantpur District) at around 3.15 am on May 22, 2012.

As per the current news, 15 people are reported dead while many are injured. Rescue operations have begun.

Coaches affected:
1 SLR and two second class coaches were derailed. One of the coaches caught fire due to short circuit.


Rahul Shayari said...

I have a neighbour working in railways. He stays most of the time in his house. He goes to office and within an hour he will comeback. Some railway staff are not doing their job. They are there only for the salary. Who cares safety. A big peracentage of officials are not doing their job properly in India.