No trains between CST and Masjid stations on 15th and 16th August

As per the reports, one of the biggest Central Railway mega block will take place from 15th August to 16th August (night). Local trains will not run between CST and Masjid stations during these 48 hours. This major and crucial step is taken by the railway authorities only to add to the long-term convenience of the commuters.

During the mega block, a huge amount of work will be undertaken at Masjid station including increasing length of platforms for 12-coach trains, creating a seventh track and dismantling the old road over bridge.

On 15th and 16th August, local trains will run up to Byculla or Dadar. Also, Harbour line trains will run up to Wadala station.

We must appreciate that the Central Railway finally took this step and also preferred to carry out the work on a weekend to avoid inconvenience to us. First the super-effective SMS campaign, now this amazing move… Central Railway is improving a lot!


manu said...

I will thank to central; railway official for providing this valuable information. this will prevent the commuters from inconvenience in traveling

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

thanks manu... and i am not a railway official... just a commuter