Trains, Rains and Me in Mumbai – 14th July 2009 Morning

I couldn’t sleep last night for 2 reasons. Firstly, I was completely unwell. Secondly, the sound of breeze with heavy rainfall was frightening enough to awaken Kumbhakaran from his sleep.

So for me, there was no question of sleeping until late due to the sleepy rainy climate. I got up from bed with fever and acidity but I was sure I’ll be able to make it to work... somehow I have the tendency to reach office almost on time especially when it’s pouring kutte billi.

I managed to catch my regular train from Koparkhairane, coz it was a few minutes late. Then I managed to catch a train starting from Vashi almost instantly, coz it was some 45 minutes late. And then, what I was expecting happened – the train wasn’t crowded! I knew that Navi Mumbai janta will leave late from home until they are sure that the local trains are running properly.

Getting off at Kurla and rushing to another platform for my last train in the morning too was like cakewalk – no cheekhna chillaana, no pushing on the foot-over bridge, no giddiness. But soon I faced reality when I started feeling like mayonnaise in a burger… smashed like hell in the crowded compartment. The overcrowded train appeared to prove to the tortoise that it was slower and steadier. Not to blame the motorman of our CST bound local train who was taking utmost care to ensure that the train moved smoothly as water logging had started on the tracks. I noticed people near Tilak Bridge station walking in knee-deep water (zero exaggeration) and wondered if the situation in Parel would be the same. Fortunately, I escaped water-walk at Parel and reached office just a few minutes late.

Well, so my journey to work on a bad rainy day was pleasant enough – not drenched, not very late and all. But then, the day was going too good to be true. Things aren’t that perfect always, are they? Here’s about my return trip.