Trains on time at Vashi, still got late

It didn’t rain today and the trains were running almost on time. Still I got late to work by a few minutes! Damn, though the train to CST arrived on time (8:53) at Vashi station, it was so crowded I couldn’t even find a centimeter of space to board it. Looks like all those who bunked office in the last 2-3 days due to rains decided to resume today.

I had no choice but to wait for 14 minutes coz unfortunately there isn’t any train until 9:07. That’s a huge gap in frequency at peak hours! We must have at least two trains reaching Vashi Station between 8:53 and 9:07. What do you think?


TechSlam said...

Feels good to know the happenings at Mumbai through your blogs.... Keep Writing n rocking

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