Stop littering from local trains – You are educated aren’t you?

At least once a week, I meet at least one commuter who’s about to litter from the local train. And I am talking about the educated lot. I don’t understand just how many times these people need to be told “don’t throw this outside”!

Well-dressed office-goers enjoy munching packaged chips, chocolates and sipping fountain drinks. And before you know out goes the wrapper or the cup! For that matter, used train coupons and old season tickets find abode on the platforms or beneath the seats of local trains.
Why? Would you litter in your living room and bedrooms too? Then why litter anywhere else? How much effort does it take to carry an extra bag to dump things / dedicate a pocket in your handbags to keep used wrappers / just carry the used wrappers or plastic cups and discard them at the dustbins provided at the stations?

I don’t think we need to be explained why we must not keep throwing kachra at all those places we don’t intend to place our feet on. Stop littering around and if you notice someone doing so, just ask the person to stop.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I completely agree with you. I see at least one person everyday who litters or is about to litter. I tell them not to, but they get so angry and insulted by this. I many times even take their waste and keep it in my bag. And this is the educated ones as you said travelling in the first class compartment.
People littering in the water bodies from local trains is pathetic. Yesterday i tried to stop a lady from doing that and she slapped me for this.