Railway Budget (India) - Mamta Banerjee vs Lalu Prasad Yadav

Mamta Banerjee will soon present the Railway Budget for 2009-2010. In the past years, whatever said and done, I found quite some improvements in the railways… of course, many to-be-improved things are yet to-be-improved. But more or less, it was okay. Now with Mamta Banerjee coming into picture, I am not quite sure of the state of things to come. If the fares are reduced substantially and the train services (including frequency, food and facilities at stations) are improved, I would be pleasantly surprised.

Still, I would miss watching Lalu Prasad Yadav presenting the budget. The way in which he presents the budget is amazingly interesting. What with the shaayaris and rhymes! Even if you don’t like the railway budget, at least when he’s announcing things in his peculiar style, you don’t feel bad instantly.

Here are some of the interesting lines by Laluji when he presented Railway Budget 2008-2009:

Sab keh rahe hain humne gazab kaam kiya hai,
Karordon ka munaafa har ek shaam diya hai,
Phal saalon yeh ab dega, paudha jo lagaaya hai,
Seva ka, samarpan ka, har farz nibhaya hai


Nayi kathni, nayi karni, nayi ek soch laye hain,
Tarakki ka nayi parasmani hum khoj laye hain

Hope Mamta too will impress us… not by the shayaris but by the improvements!

Watch what to expect from Railway Budget in this video:

Will try to update this blog on Mamta Banerjee’s speech while introducing the Railway Budget 2009-2010.