Why was the card ticket system replaced?

Guest article by my school friend Suresh Vishwanathan:

Computerisation is the new age mantra. But does not fit in certain areas. And one of them is the replacement of the card ticket with the computerised one for local train travel... Man what a snooze fest it is!

The queues which used to disappear in minutes now never seem to move. Include the slow typing speed or the dot matrix printer of the 80s, purchasing ticket is a headache now.

ROLL-PLAY: If you are about to get the ticket and the paper roll comes to an end then... less said the better....the choiciest abuses run through your mind. And the time taken to replace it seems like ages!

IS PUNCHING BETTER? And in between all those there are people extending their hands inside the counter (that includes me sometimes) asking for coupons... after all puching coupons saves time and  allows you to break the line... why not have another counter just for coupons and AVTM recharges and spare the misery of others?

Don't know why such simple things don't get a thought...

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Safar ya suffer?


Anonymous said...

But god has told me I will stand in line for buying tickets only and I will not use the coupons or the AVTM. That is for those who are willing to change. I am not. I have right to complaint.

On a second thought.. why does railways dont open new ticket counter for others and keep the current one reserved for me. So that MY precious time is not wasted.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

wow, i hope the authorities or God visit this site, consider your situation and have a reserved ticket counter for you! In fact, they shd have one for each one of us ;)
Interesting comment :)