TV in Mumbai local trains! What about Video-Coaches?

If you did not find the ever-increasing crowd, the swear words, the gossip, the lies and the dhakka-mukki in Mumbai local trains entertaining enough, you have now a reason to smile... or that's what the railway authorities think.

So we hear that CR will install TVs on Mumbai local trains. Yes, yes, you read it right. Guess what you will get to watch while travelling (assuming that the television stay in working condition for at least 15 days... we know about the working condition of indicators, coupon validating machines and all the electronic items railways ever installed!) - Charlie Chaplin, News, Sensex and Cricket Scores!

If this works out, should we believe that this will be the end of the 'video-coach' era (yes, we gals know about it!)? Nah, I don't think so.

After all, men will be men and railways will be railways and miscreants will be miscreants. 

Men will be men: Some men... alright most men... travelling in local trains can never stop making the women feel uncomfortable. The police constables, whenever they are present in the ladies compartments, have mastered the art of turning a blind eye when those wide-and-bulging-eyed perverts stare and pass comments on women in the adjacent compartment through the much-hated jaali-waali-khidki that 'separates' a gents' compartment from the ladies' coach. So the shows on the television screens in suburban trains will never be able to take over the 'video-coach' TRPs.

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Railways will be railways: So when was the last time you tried to punch a coupon and were unsuccessful as the machine was out of ink or just didn't click? And when was the last time you headed to end up heading to the ticket counter for that stamp on coupon and were again unsuccessful! Either the stamps aren't there, or the date and time is incorrect! And when you look up at the train's ceiling while trying to breathe, how often do you notice nonoperational fans and thick spiderwebs? And need I mention about the indicators on the harbour line? I wonder how railways will be able to maintain these TV screens.

Miscreants will be miscreants: I appreciate the effort by railways to eliminate the obscene graffiti. But we still have people who spread rubbish in the trains and throw wrappers out of the windows. We still have people who paste those "EARN MONEY FAST" posters on paid-advertisements in trains. Stone-pelting is still an issue. Under these circumstances, we can just hope that the authorities will able to save the television screens from miscreants.

However, when it comes to the effect of these television screens on commuters, there are quite some pros and cons. But more about it later.


Niket said...

Very well jotted..And the touch screens of the CVM...pathetic they are...i click on borivali but that sick pointer wants me to go to churchgate...and also many a time CVMs are in a non-working condition..
I think the railways should address the existing problems instead of finding ways to create more :)