Grant Road taken for granted as train misses station!

Gone are the days when Mumbai commuters used to miss their train. Trains are missing stations now!

On Tuesday, May 24 2011, a 12-coach Virar fast train from Churchgate almost skipped Grant Road station. Now as always in such cases, there are several versions of the story. While some say that the train stopped after two coaches left the platform, others claim that as many as seven coaches missed the station.

Motormen have been complaing about stress for long and we even read the story about sun glare in their cabins obstructing the view. While commuters woes include things like getting late for work to chances of getting injured if someone jumps off the train.

But the, here's a lighter side to the local trains skipping stations:
Next time you are late to work, instead of giving an excuse that the train was late, you can simply say that the train never came!!!

Info source: TOI