TV in trains post featured in DNA

I couldn't have asked for more today! Yesterday, the Facebook page of Mumbai Local Trains touched the 100 likes mark and today DNA featured one of the recent articles on the site!

I can't thank Sudakshina enough to inform me about this early in the morning. While my fever topped with ankle sprain brought a definite frown on my face in the morning, her call converted it into a smile! And it gave me the strength to write about all this (alright, brag ;))

So, DNA has shared the entire post TV in Mumbai local trains! What about Video-Coaches? on page 6 of May 23, 2011. And this time, they have given the link of this site unlike the previous time when they accredited a story to a site from where they got the feed :)

Thank you readers for staying aboard! Look forward to more updates, timetables and opinions related to Mumbai local trains on this site.

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Niket said...

Congratsss Anuradha! :)

Sudakshina said...

Congrats!! I was really happy to see your blog post in the paper. Will always take your advice on never to cross tracks :)