Badla at Badlapur station

The Pandharpur-Mumbai train was running late by four hours yesterday (June 13, 2011) and then it was made to halt near Badlapur station for more than an hour. Damn, we know how irritating it is when our trains halts mid-way for even a minute! Obviously, the passengers were irritated and they lost their temper when other trains passed by while their train was stationary.

Tumhaari train train, hamaari train fail???

Eventually, when a goods train started to pass, some furious passengers of the Pandharpur-Mumbai train got off and stopped it. Of course, they were 'successful' as the goods train had to be then diverted to another route and their train then started at around 9.15 am.

In the process what the passengers didn't realise was that their fury would result in a greater consequence... an unplanned badla: Tum hamaari train late karo, hum saari trains late karengey! Due to their protest and all the drama, local trains services on the central line were affected for the entire day. Reportedly, the suburban trains were running late by 10 minutes until evening!

So who is to blame?

The passengers? Well, imagine being stranded at a station for around 6 hours and being clueless.
The motorman? What could he do? We suppose he was just following orders or had to ensure that the local trains that carry thousands of passengers every minute don't get affected due to his train.
The rains? Seriously?

I think that proper announcements in the train would have helped. If the passengers had been continuously updated about the situation and informed why their train had to stop while others moved, perhaps they must have understood that the reason was genuine. They should not have been forced to keep guessing, right?

News source: Hindustan Times