Safety in trains: HT dedicates a page

Dead bodies, rapes, molestation cases... do we want Mumbai local trains to be known for all this? 

While railway authorities are continuously making improvements for the comfort and security of commuters, something seems amiss.

Now, following the gang rape of a girl near Kalyan railway station on June 21 and the other sad incidents in the recent past, HT has dedicated an entire page (page 6, metro) on issues that have been shocking the Mumbai local train commuters.

It's good to see that someone is giving this kind of importance to the safety issues. When once a station master told me that it's tough to have a cop in every single ladies compartment of every train, I  understood that allocating so many resources will be actually too much. But after many months, the incidents have only increased and worsened.

While the authorities find a solution and ensure 100% safety, should we just wait and watch? It's time to be more alert while travelling and take sensible decisions for our own safety.

Here are some tips to travel safe:
  • Don't wait in a secluded spot
  • Don't board empty compartments in very late or early hours
  • Raise an alarm or take necessary steps when you sense trouble
  • Don't hesitate to report any inappropriate behaviour
  • Carry a pepper spray (do let us know where we can find it)
  • Stay on the phone with someone friend / family member when you are travelling very late in an almost empty train, keep them informed about your whereabouts
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