Harbour, Central line trains running late

And then people jump from trains!

It rained all night and as always in such situations the trains are running late today (June 11, 2011).

There was water logging on the tracks (4.30 pm update) near Kurla station. Trains in Central as well as Harbour line trains were seen queued up behind each other.

And then people started jumping off the trains. Why? Well with no accurate announcements in the trains, some clueless commuters jumped onto the tracks at Tilak Nagar to reach Kurla station. Others simply wanted to have a clearer view of the situation ahead! I know, you don't find this surprising... yeh toh hamesha ki baat hai. But we must understand that in such situations trains don't run as per schedule and we should not occupy the tracks as it can create unnecessary panic

I urge commuters to stay calm and not jump on tracks as it could be fatal.

Image courtesy: Anup Khanna